Luca Vallone was born in 1982 in Lamezia Terme, Italia. After artistic maturity, In the 2001 he moved to Rome where he worked for many years as a set designer for cinema and television.

Luca Vallone is a multifaceted artist who skillfully ranges between different expressive techniques while keeping his style alive, always perfectly recognisable.

Over the years he has carried out various research on contemporary avant-gardes, experimenting and using different materials: ferro, steel, polystyrene, marble, wood and resins that allow him to give shape and vent to his incredible creativity.

His production includes figurative sculptures, works related to pop art, to conceptual art and video installation. His artistic research develops starting from reflection on the passage of time, the meaning of life and emotions. His work starts from reality to reach inner worlds and dream universes. From here comes the recurring symbol of many of his works: il Heart. Vallone's art wants to be an invitation to reclaim the best part of everyone, made of dreams and wonder, inviting you to always follow your desires and fill your eyes with amazement.


Luca Vallone exhibits in various Italian and foreign cities through personal and collective exhibitions of which we remember the Embassy of the Republic of Egypt - Muca Cu Mexico City - Museo della permanente di Milano- Angelica Library, Roma - Aldo Brandini stables, Frascati - Angevin Aragonese Castle, Agropoli - Museum of the Creative City of Salerno - Elsa Morante cultural center, Roma - Villa Obizi, Albinsengo., Galleria Triphe Roma.